The Best Kept Riding Secret Is Discovered


The Three Sisters, Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337, 70 miles west of San Antonio in Real and Edwards Counties, have long been considered the ultimate hill country riding roads by motorcyclists, bicyclist, car clubs, and weekend adventurists.


Now, with the recently defined Three Brothers Loop, RR 334, RR 674 and State Highway 55, the hill country riding experience becomes complete. The Three Sisters and the Three Brothers form an area known as the Upper Nueces Basin Recreational Area located in Real, Edwards, Kinney, and Uvalde Counties.  Both loops are a “MUST RIDE” and both have their own unique characteristics. 


The Three Sisters Loop is around 95 miles long, and the Three Brothers Loop clocks in at 130 miles long.  Every community on the Texas Loops offers lodging, fuel and food.  Riding at night is not advised due to the deer, hogs, porcupines and other wildlife after dark.


On the Three Brothers Loop, you’ll discover historic site Fort Clark Springs

and the movie set where John Wayne’s movie “The Alamo” was filmed near Brackettville.  On the way north you’ll pass Kickapoo Caverns Texas State Park with camping, hiking, riding trails, and guided tours of bat caves.  Discover Rocksprings, the gateway to the Devil’s Sink Hole, the Historical Rocksprings Hotel, and the famous Edwards County Courthouse.  Heading back down to Camp Wood, the rider will experience impressive hill country views and long sweeping S-curves guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and you back for more.


Camp Wood, Texas is in the middle of the Texas Loops and offers base camps Falling Rock Lodging, RV Parks The Big Oak Park, The Three Sisters Campground, motels, Nueces River houses, restaurants and shopping.  Only 70 miles from Del Rio and Old Mexico, the Upper Nueces Basin Recreation Area will become your favorite “Get-Away” vacation destination.